Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Ramsay is ready for anything that 2010 brings!

Monday, October 26, 2009


This is Deuce after 15 minutes of tugging (making his famous alien noises) on my sock while I attempt to cook, clean dishes, pack lunches, and set the table. You can imagine the annoyance I feel as I shuffle along with a 17lb dead weight hanging off my toe. Why do I put up with such a game you ask? Because he is simply so adorable and frankly, I can't make him quit if I try.

I also know that the game will not last as soon as Big Red hears the ruckus. The mother's attention can never be too one-sided. And yes, once Ramsay is involved it is as painful as it looks. Now imagine 117lb of dead weight on your toes along with extra slobber.

They finally get the sock of my foot and I instantly feel sorry for it.
Deuce is pissed (having been the one who found the sock in the first place) and Ramsay is having the time of his life while playing tug-of-war with a game that he clearly has the advantage. Calli is more concerned with the magpie outside that is taunting her.
Deuce finally 'throws in the sock' but only because Ramsay standing up is out of Deuce's jumping range. He immediately goes to the chair and sulks. I have never seen a dog that sulks as much or as well as he does. The game is over and Ramsay can't figure out why.

The carneage. The horror of what this sock has just been through. Until next time.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mother's Love


I cannot resist this face. I can see past the bad breath and the food that accumulates inbetween the creases of his nose that awaits me to clean. I gag (barf a little) and wonder how the heck his nose-folds (is that a word?) gets so dang dirty from day to day? I can see past his temper tantrums. When his food bowl is empty and he pushes his dish forcing it to bang against the wall so that he can bring to my attention that he is wanting more dinner is one example. Or at night when he demands his chew stick by producing alien noises as I try to go to sleep (closing your eyes and pretending to sleep doesn't shut him up) would be another one of his tantrums. I can even smell past his eye-watering farts!!!!

Deuce has become a momma-suck....its official. He follows me everywhere and is at his happiest while snuggled up to me. Deuce has always been independant and insisted on doing his own thing. Slowly with age, he is feeling needy and wants the comfort of having me in his presence. I have been gradually noticing this change but today his mom-obsession was clear to me and I couldn't be happier. To be worthy of such an honor has me filled with joy. I have long missed my Chubb who's loyalty was apparent to all that knew us. I know that Chubb is content with having such an important role filled by Deuce.

I just ADORE this little man and his adorable face melts my heart. I love his larger-than-life attitude. He makes me laugh and he showers me with kisses. I am grateful for our mutual love and adoration. What more could a person ask for???

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've Been Itching To Tell You....

Mom....please stop it. What is going on????

Our Wednesday, like every Wednesday, was a normally scheduled day. Came home from picking the kids up at school and Ramsay did his normal happy dance; pay attention to me, where is dinner, hi, where is dinner, glad your home, where is dinner, where the HELL is dinner? I was busy preparing our dinner plus putting away groceries when I noticed Ramsay was upstairs bugging Tyler. All was quiet and I should of taken that as a sign of the apocalypse. Ramsay sauntered downstairs and put his head on my lap feeling desperately sorry for himself. I quickly discovered two raised bumps that deformed his muzzle. It was the onset of (chocolate induced?) hives that would soon cover him from head to almost toe.

We immediately found the benadryl and started heavy doses - not enough to prevent the outbreak but more than enough to help Ramsay sleep comfortably (and me too!). The itch was enough to drive both him and us nuts. Poor fella. Last night he was feeling the full effect of his benadryl martini as shown by the slow motion stagger required to go outside and pee on his own foot. Poor baby.

No, not liver spots on Patric's hand but the hives on top of my baby's head. This is today's discovery. More bumps, more scratching, more benadryl and after these pictures, the appearance of some improvement. The worst is over?!?!

Lessons learned: No candy wrappers to be left in the garbage, lots of benadryl purchased just in case and a itchy dog equals a night on the couch for Patric. Thank goodness Patric is good with little to no sleep. Ramsay would like to know why he takes more than his share of the couch?!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Writers' Block

So while the dogs put their heads together for their next blog post, I have taken it upon myself to start up my own blog. Please stop by and forgive me if my prose is not as good as theirs.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Had a great weekend! Saturday we went to the park (as per usual), but this time I saw my brother Rory...oh what a day! We wrestled and nose poked like Ridgebacks do while Deuce once again sulked in the corner. I love playing with Ridgebacks but most of all, my litter mates. No other breed at the park seems to "get me" and my kind. Unfortunately, the mother wasn't prepared to capture this glorious event. Check out my bro's blog to view the evidence:

Sunday I woke up with anticipation to see Rory again at the park, no such luck. I searched the trees and under every rock for him or a scent indicating he was there. I hung my head, depressed, and tried to enjoy the sunshine. It wasn't the same. New plan...take over the couch when we get home! I basked in the sun and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather that we FINALLY have. I am just one winter old and I already know that spring is so much better.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Massacre

Romance was in the air the minute Ramsay realized one of my socks escaped from the laundry basket. Ramsay instantly gets the "I won the lottery" look on his face and for two whole minutes (his entire attention span) he thinks this sock is the best thing EVER! His immediate response is to check if anyone has noticed the thievery and, once he realizes the prize is his for the keeping he knows he has found his one true Valentine. The sock may have a diamond pattern to you and I but in Ramsay's eyes....these are hearts.

Here is the I-am-ready-to-run-with-my-prize look once he realized I am fully aware of the situation. His moment of bliss has been disturbed but he is not quite tired of the toy and now wants to turn it into a game. Unlike a dog toy, he won't destroy this. He will gnaw, slobber, soil and masticate until you need rubber gloves to pick up the slimey remains. But he seems to know it is yours. And he is glad that you are sharing.
The bounty is that much better when your fur-mate partakes in the game. Tug-of-war is also a favourite pastime for Ramsay and I find it amusing to see how much more gentle he is with Deuce. He allows Deuce to think he is winning so that Deuce doesn't get discouraged with the game and leave; this is a lesson learned over time. So the mammouth dog lets the little dog get his way so that he in turn gets his own way; everyone is a winner.
At the end of the two minute act Deuce walks away bored of the game, Ramsay no longer wants the slobber sock and goes about finding another illicit prize, and I am left with another load of laundry. Happy Valentine's Day!